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What we do


                                        Housing recovery

                                     Psychological training

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What we offer

    We offer cooperation in all areas of our expertise and

                           are open for cooperation

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Where we work

                        Geography of activity of the Agency.

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                               Latest news from our Agency

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Who we are


Donbas Reconstruction and Development Agency is an independent NGO working with people in Donbas region to prevent violence and build peace through development of economic and social activities.

We provide advice, support and practical resources to help Donbas’ community resolve its difficulties in development and reconstruction including the war-affected areas. In addition, we take what we learn to government decision-makers and others working to end conflict, to improve policies and peacebuilding practice worldwide.






1. To support sustainable development of Donbas region in the economic, social, and cultural aspects.

2. To enhance community development and decrease poverty which was caused by the military actions.

3. To work at all levels of society to build sustainable peace through three main avenues:

Development, Dialogue and Community. 


Areas of Operation


As non-governmental organization we focus on sustainable regional development of Donbas and work in the following areas:

1. Humanitarian relief

2. Peace support

3. Sustainable local community development

4. Capacity Building and institutional support

5. Local SME support

Core Principles


1. Lobbying & Advocacy of the region

2. Institutional and organizational development

3. Awareness raising

4. Networking, coordination, consultation and cooperation


We do believe that Donbas may become an extremely successful region of Ukraine

and by this the peace and progress will return to our land.

Believing in Donbas, we believe in Ukraine!

Our People




What we do





A winterization program for 2014-2015 jointly implemented with UNHCR.

Program objective: meeting urgent construction materials’ needs of a variety of end users in the conflict-affected areas ranging from private housing to schools and infrastructure objects. Under the winterization effort the Agency distributed 80 thousand sq.m. of tarpaulin and 60 thousand sq.m. of plastic sheets mostly to meet temporary roofing needs. The projects geography spanned 15 localities ion Donetsk and Luhansk regions with about 15 thousand individual end users.




A reconstruction effort for damaged housing in the conflict-affected areas was started in summer 2014 and is ongoing.

The project is implemented as a joint venture between the Agency and other stakeholders, including the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace and volunteer groups.

The effort resulted in reconstruction of 50 housing units with varying degrees of destruction ranging from providing roofing and window glazing to full restoration.



A program aimed at psychological training of medics taking part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation jointly implemented with the Ukrainian Association of Doctors-Psychologists.

The program was started in summer 2015 with the objective of providing basic training in giving in-action urgent psychological assistance by medics.

The effort provides coaching by leading Ukrainian psychologists, and so far has covered 165 doctors who are currently serving in the Anti-Terrorist Operation.


 What we offer


Sustainable development of Donbas region is our strategic priority and includes many issues and areas in which we are ready to collaborate on with authorities and NGOs, research institutes, other organisations, around new projects and activities, aimed at sustainable development of people in Donbas region.


We offer cooperation in all areas of our expertise and are open for cooperation in any other areas where our strong local presence may be needed to realise the projects with the aim of Donbas and Ukraine successful development.




 Our latest news

On October, 30 2015 the Agency took part in

the presentation of the Online Project System

(OPS) hosted by the UNDP.

The OPS is a global UN effort aimed at linking

NGOs and the donor community by

providing a platform for standardized

project presentation

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On October, 25-28 2015 the Agency

co-sponsored an international conference

devoted to the problem of

medical-psychological rehabilitation in course

of armed conflicts, which attracted more than

150 participants from Ukraine and a number

of European countries

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On September, 28 2015 the Agency co-signed a

joint Memorandum with the Science Park

“Kyivska Polytechnika”, “RWL Water New York”

and “Water Technologies” LLC aimed at tackling

water supply problems in the Donbass region, in

particular at ensuring safe and stable water

supply of the city of Mariupol

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5 Yaroslaviv Val Str. 01034, Kyiv, Ukraine